Marsha Setliff

Marsha Setliff

Coach / Gym Manager

Snatch 115 lbs

Clean 155 lbs

Helen 13:04

Over Head Squat 135 lbs


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Precision Nutrition Level 1

About Coach

I have always considered myself an athlete. In High School, I played on the Varsity Soccer team all 4 years and thrived when it came to digging deep during practices and games to be the best player I could be for my team. Fast forward 19 years, and I find myself a military wife with three kids. I had the desire to get back into shape but I wasn't seeing any change in myself because I wasn't consistent with workouts at my local Globo gym and didn't have a plan. My son invited me to a free CrossFit class and I was hooked. Working out next to strangers who cheered me on during the workout with a coach taking time to make sure I was moving properly, stood out to me. After being a member of that gym for only 6 months I wanted to learn more so I became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. I understood that Nutrition was 80% of me reaching my goal and helping others reach their goals so I decided to take the Precision Nutrition Level 1 course. I began to see a significant change in my body and those I was coaching. After my husband retired from the ARMY, we moved back home to South Texas. I became a member of Main Gate Fitness, where I found the most elite coaches I had ever trained under. Not only did they make me a better athlete but they mentored me in my own coaching skills. I was inspired to keep improving and earned my CrossFit Level 2 Certificate in 2022. I've never stuck with anything as long as I have this sport and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon because it works and it's fun!

Turning Point

When we relocated to our home state of Texas, I started my search for my new gym family. The first class I attended at Main Gate Fitness was a turning point in my journey as an athlete and as a coach. There was a high standard upheld there that was felt from the moment I walked in. I wanted to be a part of this team of coaches even though I knew I would have to crush my own insecurities and get okay with being uncomfortable stepping into my own potential. Isn't that familiar for anyone who wants to rise to the next level? It's hard work and you fail and you get up and try again and you never give up. Attending regular CrossFit classes teaches us that daily. As a result of the leadership team at Main Gate Fitness, I have developed a higher level of coaching as they uphold a high standard from their staff.

Motivation & Passion

I am drawn to people who were like me in the beginning. They are ready for change, have tried it all, and find the bravery to walk through our door to give it one chance. One of the best parts of my job as a manager is meeting with potential members to ease their concerns about giving CrossFit a try. I enjoy listening to their goals to help them decide which program is right for them. If coming to a class seems overwhelming to you, let's start with a conversation so I can learn more about you. Book a free intro now by calling or texting 361-844-9922 and let's change your life!

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