Kyle Hogan

Kyle Hogan


Deadlift 455# / 19:20 5k row / 24 rds of Cindy / 10:24 Helen / 5:55 Annie. All of this occurred when I was younger. However, we can continue to grow, learn, and improve over time. I may never "best" my previous goals, but I will surely try!


CF Level 2 / CF Strongman / CF Kettlebell

About Coach

Ok, here it goes; my name is Kyle Hogan, and I am a military service member currently on active duty. I am married to the most incredible woman in the world Melissa Hogan (mostly because she puts up with me and my antics), and I have two children Ian 23, and Macy, 20 years old. My family is my motivation, my motivation to keep going when I feel exhausted, my inspiration to endure when I want to quit, and my motivation to find peace when I am overwhelmed. I have always been “active” in various sports, football, basketball, and baseball, and I was a varsity rower in college. I was introduced to CrossFit in 2005 but started getting serious in 2008. I have been coaching since 2010, and I am level-two trained and have various other CF certifications. Additionally, I am trained as a USAW level 1 coach. I am also the previous affiliate owner of Dominator CF, a military non-profit CF Affiliate. My goals are to continue coaching, teaching, and mentoring those around me on the principles and benefits of CF. Interestingly, these principles are similar to another tremendous free, life-changing program available to anyone. For more details, ask me or check out Faith Rx'd.

Turning Point

Along the path of life, I have never been the best or the fastest, most intelligent, etc.; add your own descriptor here. CrossFit allows us to be the best WE can be for ourselves and not for others. Ego crushes hopes and dreams when chasing others, but when you decide to improve for yourself, the world becomes a great place, and CrossFit becomes your place of strength, both figuratively and literally.

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about making people better. My vision is to enable you to be the best you can be. We use trusted, vetted, proven professional techniques to leverage your strengths and talents as a cornerstone from which to build. Assisting the client-athlete in creating a vision while building trust in our community, then enabling resiliency in themselves. Seeing everyday people become their best self is what motivates me every day.

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